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The new migration: an unambiguous and familiar topic that shouldn’t be associated only with despair and defeat. But also with both personal and professional chances and bright perspectives.

We, the young and international team of “NEW in BW”, speak out of experience. With this project we want to initiate a constructive dialogue between the three key groups and, at the same time, the three pillars of the global success story called Baden-Württemberg: the local companies, the organisations and networks involved in the integration and qualification of international talents, and, of course, the talents themselves.

“NEW in BW” is a platform for the exchange of personal and professional experiences and the encounters between business, education field and young talents.


In BaWü

Interviews and viewpoints


How they came, why they stayed


The people behind the BaWü success story

After work

Spare time activities for body and soul


Talents sharing their struggles and successes.
Local companies introducing career opportunities.
Initiatives caring for international professionals.

Here are some of our top stories:

“Here, you can lead your ideas to economic success”

What makes Baden-Württemberg so attractive for international companies and young talents – except each other? State Minister of Economy, Labour and Housing Mrs Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut in a pitch.

Prof. Arnold van Zyl: “Our university is an ecosystem for innovation”

The Cooperative State University of Baden-Württemberg appeals to high school graduates, corporates and politicians worldwide. President Prof. van Zyl on hopes and misunderstandings considering the dual studies.

new.New Festival: CODE_n aims to explore the DNA of innovation

Code_n Managing Director Moritz Gräter on collaboration, co-creation and what becoming a partner of the new.New Festival means.

Social Impact gGmbH: A home for social entrepreneurs

The social entrepreneurs have been represented for a time already in Baden-Württemberg and are continuously gaining importance. In Stuttgart, they have an active supporter for over 20 years now: the Social Impact gGmbH.


Global players, local heroes

No other region in the world is more international than Baden-Württemberg

Events Baden-Württemberg

Exhibitions and Fairs, Community Meetings, Workshops – never miss a thing!