Who is New in Baden-Württemberg? We are a team of international writers, freelancers, and editors working on the same project – to bring the new things in Baden-Württemberg to the ones who are new in Baden-Württemberg. 

We, the young team of “NEW in BW”, want to share experiences, events, activities and stories that are happening in this federal state in Germany. To do this most efficiently, we have a magazine and a website for you to visit all the times. While we generate a lot of our content ourselves, it is of course welcome for our readers to send us their own experiences and stories that we can then share with the community  We want to connect what made the global success story called Baden-Württemberg: the local companies, the organizations/networks involved in the integration and qualification of international talents, and, of course, the talents themselves.

Welcome to New in Baden-Württemberg – a place that will seek innovation, internationalism and corporate connections.

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Jürgen Widmann: “The right time for industrial production is now”

Jürgen Widmann of EVO recognizes significant opportunities for expansion in the neighboring Central and Eastern European markets.

Andreas Wahsner: “Market entry is not successful without networks”

Competence and partnerships on site have enabled the Salach-based company Metallart to enter the foreign business.

Wolfgang Rosskopf: “Good Training and Practical Know-How Take Time”

Craft enterprises should seek advice on doing business abroad and train urgently needed skilled workers in Germany.

Dr. Stefan Wolf ” Our globalization cannot simply be reversed”

Decoupling from China is unrealistic. It would lead to a global economic crisis on a scale we haven’t witnessed before.

Dr. Gunther Kegel: “Innovation Needs a Growing Economy”

There are reasons that we manufacture in many countries! We in Germany has become too expensive to produce competitively.


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“Der Artikel ist sehr schön geworden! Vielen Dank auch noch einmal für die Berichterstattung, wir werden das Magazin auch bei uns in der Geschäftsstelle auslegen. Wir werden uns die nächsten Tage natürlich auch die anderen Artikel durchlesen, es sieht alles ganz spannend aus.”

– Sophie Holzwarth, VfB Akademie

“Die Broschüre ist wirklich sehr informativ und super für unsere Incoming Studenten geeignet.”

– Andrea Heißler-Keinath, International Office, HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen University

“Just got the new magazine, it looks great! (...) let me say that we would love to do an article with you all. Looking forward to collaborating!”

– Tim Kelley, Director of the International School of Stuttgart

"Congratulations for all your hard work in getting a high quality edition out."

– Sridharan Rangarajan, IT manager at Robert Bosch GmbH