Commemorating the Cultural Forum’s 25-Year Journey

This year, the cultural forum celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Rathaus hosted the event and warmly welcomed its guests with drinks and entertaining programs, including talks, dancing, and a buffet. Members of different clubs took place in the event. AfroKids International Club, Sompon Social Service Club, Serbian Academy Network Club, and others were among them. In his opening speech,

In his opening speech, Dr Frank Nopper, the mayor of Stuttgart, revealed that 30 cultures were actively participating in the forum.

The representatives of the clubs engaged in discussions with the managers, delving into the forum’s past and contemplating its future trajectory. The most intriguing question was their vision for the meeting in the next decade. The answer to this question was straightforward: the forum must grow and evolve. Involving more individuals in the cultural program is essential as hosting such events holds great importance. The speakers also discussed the forum’s considerable potential and promising prospects.

The forum must grow and evolve

In addition to the talks, many songs and dances were performed during the event. Such projects as Erd-Herz-Beben, Support Ukraine Network (SUN), and Ziryab-Akademie showcased their songs, creating a lively and captivating atmosphere in the hall.

At the end of the forum, the singers enthusiastically invited guests to join them on the stage and around it for a lively dance, creating a joyful and inclusive atmosphere.

The buffet area provided a welcoming space for socializing and allowing people to connect

Afterwards, guests and performers were invited to enjoy a buffet filled with snacks, sweet pastries, and chilled beverages. The buffet area provided a welcoming space for socializing, allowing people to connect, forge new relationships, and strengthen existing bonds. They had the chance to chat and share their thoughts and ideas about the event with one another.

Tuesday evening became an exciting night filled with music, dancing, and enjoyment for the guests. Following the buffet, the event transitioned to a vibrant bar area where DJ Emilio took over the entertainment. The bar provided a lively atmosphere, with pulsating beats and a dance floor that beckoned everyone to let loose and have a great time.