Franz Loogen: “All skills needed”

by | 15 Jul 2019 | In BaWü

Franz Loogen, head of E-mobile BW, on perspectives for international talents in the car industry in Baden-Württemberg.

Interview by: Hans Gäng

Can you tell us, which specialists are most in demand?

All skills are needed. Especially on demand are talents combining mechanical know-how with IT skills. Applications of AI, design of man-machine-interfaces, voice recognition and command, video and image recognition. But also at the combustion engines specialists are required.

Can you name some special qualifications which are high in demand?

There is a strong demand for material sciences. Chemical and electrochemical applications and technologies are needed for more efficient resource use, as well as for fuel cells and batteries. Products and components in the material supply chain should be produced in a socially and ecologically acceptable manner, but should also be produced achievable and should be used environment-friendly. To optimize the material circulation and recycling is an exciting challenge.

Franz Loogen, head of E-Mobile BW

Do you see job opportunities for international talents primarily at the well-known MNCs?

The car industry is the main driver of Baden-Württemberg’s economy and its export. That is not only due to the big brands. An extended value chain consists also of medium-sized companies, engineering, and even start-ups. They are all seeking people who are fascinated by science and IT. And that is true not only for university graduates.