Talented Artists from Across Cities Perform at Popular Venue

Stuttgart is well-known for its many universities, offering a diverse array of degrees to suit every interest, from engineering to opera singing. We have published several articles that focus on the opportunities available for technicians in Stuttgart. This is primarily due to the city being home to well-known companies like Porsche, Daimler, and Bosch.

However, Stuttgart also offers a huge variety of activities for artists. One such activity is the opportunity to perform at one of the Stuttgart’s concept cafes, known as “das Klavierzimmer.” This café offers a platform for artists to show their talents. It’s a fantastic way for musicians to share their craft with a receptive audience in a distinct and intimate setting.

When you enter the café, you’ll immediately notice a small piano situated right in front of the entrance, along with a board displaying the upcoming events. Among those events there was a concert of two students from the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart (HMDK).

The pieces they introduced were dedicated to different forms of love, including love for a woman, love for a child, and passionate love

Classical guitarist Milena Solcova and opera singer Dominika Majdanova delighted the audience with their enchanting performance of Spanish music as a talented duo. While Milena was professionally moving her fingers on the guitar, Dominika impressed the audience with a soft and clear voice. The composers whose works they presented together were all from the 20th century. It is intriguing that the students decided to recreate the atmosphere of various regions in Spain through their performance. The pieces they introduced were dedicated to different forms of love, including love for a woman, love for a child, and passionate love. The visitors of the café were fascinated by the artists’ playing.

After that, we decided to ask the owner of the café what it was that made her open such a café and what genre of music is the most popular there. She is a classical musician who desires to connect more people with music while they enjoy their coffee. She shared with us that there are many professionals who play different genres of music, such as classical music, Pop, Jazz or even a combination of them.  

In addition to that, young artists from universities in other cities are also coming to the café to give concerts.
Many aspiring musicians send applications to us in order to secure a date and have the opportunity to introduce their talent to the audience.

das Klavierzimmer-Team

People there can also build strong connections with one another, collaborating on performances and sharing recommendations for other places to show their art.

We found out that there are several upcoming events scheduled for the next two months which are worth visiting. Will Lyle Trio from New York will be visiting the café as part of their CD Release Tour on the 25th of June, 2023. After that, Natalia Rose Trio will give the small concert on both the 16th and 23th July, 2023, with a special guest invited to join them.