The team

Our team is made up of a mix of young national and international authors. Each one has his or her individual writing style, thoughts, and life stories. These are the faces of New in BW –


Ariadne Dimakou 

Ariadne moved from her home country Greece to Munich, Germany, to study journalism in 2010. She is interested in the German-Greek relations and specifically in international youth work and education.

Luca Marie Wodtke 

Luca, from Germany, studies journalism with English language at the University of Portsmouth in England. She has traveled to over 25 countries. In 2014, she was in Brazil to support ‘Die Mannschaft’, inspiring her to become a sports journalist.

Cristina Sanchez Esteban 

Cristina is from Spain and studied journalism and law at the university in the capital Madrid. She is passionate about communication in all its formats, including the management of social networks.

Rohini Guttina 

Rohini, from India, is an environmentalist by degree and writer by choice. A wanderlust and dabbles writing. She loves to meditate, read and believes that sporting a smile is an undying trend.

Giada Bressan 

Giada, from Padova in Italy, has recently completed her Master Degree in Business Administration. She has come to Germany to face new challenges in the marketing sector. She is becoming a real SEO expert! 

Isabel Saez 
Web Design

Isabel is from Spain. She is a digital designer currently based in Barcelona after spending the last few years working in the digital agency world in London. She is also the founder of

Julia Steiner 
Print Design

Jule, from Germany, is a freelance designer in Stuttgart. On the side, she finds time to manage the office of an Italian restaurant. She has been part of the team for several print projects by local global GmbH.

Further Contributors –

The publisher

New in Baden-Württemberg is a publication of the local global GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany.  

local global GmbH is a small media company founded by Hans Gäng. Since the year 2000, the multilingual teams of local global are familiar with trends and topics of ongoing internationalisation, both of businesses and societies.  The media and conferences are addressing “Global Players”. The teams assist renowned organisations and enterprises to communicate successfully on an international level.

Many of the interns, young professionals, authors, and freelancers started their career in Germany with local global.

Visit the homepage:

Hans Gäng

Founder of local global GmbH

Hans Gäng is a journalist, founder and publisher in Stuttgart, grew up in Lake Constance and studied – before the fall of the Berlin wall – politics at the FU Berlin.