Dr. Eberhard Veit: “There is a real new spirit of optimism”

by | 8 Sep 2020

We at Global Business Magazine asked Dr. Eberhard Veit, a member of the supervisory boards of numerous medium-sized German manufacturers, but also of Robert Bosch GmbH, in mid-July about the situation of industrial companies after Corona. Veit sees positive prospects for innovation and digitization if companies are not lapsing into a “mental coma”.

GBM: You sound rather sceptical about the things suggested in the industrial policy since Corona

VEIT: Fortunately, however, there are also investments by the automotive industry and research that have kept a watchful eye on the future beyond electromobility. It’s just a pity that so many visitors of the Karlsruhe KIT’s great research facilities for synthetic fuels come from the Far East… It’s also good that we are now making digital progress in the education system. At the universities in the personal encounters, there will be a concentration on the social, on working together in a team or on joint work on hardware, in the laboratory. I am sure that the basic technologies and the knowledge that used to be shared through lectures will be easier to communicate online. It is also good that universities like ours here in Göppingen, with the support of industry, are helping to test the digital future of industrial production in practice. The willingness to start new things is now much stronger across the board than it used to be.