ThingOS: Smart Everything

by | 19 Feb 2019 | Corporates & Start-ups

Smart home, smart industry, smart everything – learn about an IoT solution to all of your out-of-business issues. Learn about this start-up in our interview with ThingOS COO, Matthias Mögerle.

Who are you? How would you describe ThingOS?

Our slogan describes our key expertise – bridging differences in wireless and wired sensor/actuator technologies to drastically speed-up our customer’s development of smart environments and industrial internet (Industry 4.0) automation scenarios. By using our technology platform (hardware and software) in the prototyping/demonstrator phase our customers can focus on solving business problems instead of low-level problems. Fast iterations (minutes instead of months) and short feedback loops guarantee that many innovative ideas can be practically tested in a short time and that real added-value is identified quickly. In the production phase, we support the transfer from a prototype to a product by providing an extensive rollout infrastructure as well as a cloud-based Application-Store for deploying smart applications across environments and locations.

When and where did everything start?

The origin of ThingOS has been set by Thomas Kubitza (CEO). As a PhD candidate at the University of Stuttgart, he developed the technology platform on which ThingOS is now based. This was embedded in a 4-year EU project.

The commercialization of this technology platform started as a university spin-off in 2017 via the TTI GmbH (Technology Transfer Initiative) of the University of Stuttgart. Later in 2017, the 6 founders then came together to found the company ThingOS GmbH, which was notarised in February 2018.

Since 2017, we have extended the ThingOS technology platform and used the platform for projects in the smart home and smart industry context.

How did the Startup Autobahn help you?

Via the Startup Autobahn, we got deeper contacts to the regional and international industry. The Startup Autobahn does a very good job of networking startups and established companies. In the process of the Startup Autobahn, for example, we carried out a project with Daimler and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the context of Industry 4.0. In the industrial context, sensors and actuators were linked by our technology platform and applications for production and order picking were developed.

The ThingOS team at the ARENA2036 in Stuttgart

How many employees work at ThingOS?

Meanwhile, we have 10 employees and are about to enlarge our team. Currently we are especially looking for web and embedded developers.

Are you international?

Due to the very good national order situation, we are currently particularly active in Germany. With our presence in the Startup Autobahn and ARENA2036, we can achieve very good visibility both nationally and internationally, to make further contacts.

Why are Baden-Württemberg and the region Stuttgart interesting for you?

BW is characterized by a special mixture of the industry. Big corporates like Daimler, Bosch and Porsche, but also hidden champions like Kärcher and many other bigger and smaller companies. This makes BW a special part of Germany with a lot of large industry and great products. Since our technology platform combines sensors and actuators of different products, we are exactly right here in BW.

What is the future for ThingOS?

We will continue to expand our ThingOS technology platform. This will especially take place in the Smart Industry, Smart Home and Smart Retail segments. Our vision is to become the most attractive edge connectivity platform in the technology space. So if somebody wants to connect smart devices in the future, he should definitely think of us and know that we can significantly accelerate the development of smart device applications.

Matthias Mögerle is the COO of ThingOS. Visit the website to learn more about this company under